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Art Center Tie Dye Flags
The Doraville Art Center

The new Doraville Art Center is home to various art classes, provides bookable studio space, and features a full kitchen for hosting cooking classes.

We are located in downtown Doraville across from the Gold Line MARTA station:

3774 Central Avenue

Doraville, GA 30340

Painting on Canvas
Painting Pottery


The Art Center features classes for a range of interests and all levels of artistic skill. Be sure to check back often as we expand our class offerings.


The Art Center offers five distinct art spaces:

  • The Red Room - a wet studio designed for getting your hands dirty.

  • The Green Room - created for quiet crafting and artist meetups.

  • The Blue Room - designed to ignite creativity for drawing and sketching.

  • The Gallery - a cozy space for tastings, gatherings, or a private exhibit.

  • The Kitchen - a full-service space for food-prep or cooking classes.

The Wet Studio
Tie Dye Project
Still Life Painting
A woman in cooking Pooris
Flamenco Dancer


We invite our friends and neighbors to share their artistic skills and cultural backgrounds through the art of food, dance, music, and more.

If you are interested in teaching a class, click on the link to tell us more!

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