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OF art.
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Art is all around us. Our events introduce the curious to creative expressions in everything from musical collaborations to theater performances.

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art is food

Our new Art Center in downtown Doraville features a full kitchen available for cooking classes, wine & spirit tastings, and sharing the art of making family recipes passed down for generations. 

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art is creating

Art can be experienced no matter what your skill level is. The Doraville Art Center offers classes from music and dance to painting and knitting. Gather with your friends and neighbors to create, share and enjoy.

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art is community

We are artists, friends, and supporters of art who believe that art is a fundamental key to building community in Doraville. We want to make art happen in our city. Do you? Then you, too, are DArt!

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art is the point

Our goal is to support art through events, education and public displays. And each month we will feature a series of artists in our Gallery at the Doraville Art Center. Everyone is welcome to stop by to view the art on display.

Mosaic unicorn
Doraville wood artist

I want to:

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take a class

Teaching Art Class

teach a class

Doraville Art Festival

share my art

Volunteers at the Doraville Art Show


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