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Artist Opportunity- TRANSITIONS Gallery Show

Participation Guidelines/ Information

  • Artists are required to REGISTER first.

  • Artwork submissions should include a clear picture of artwork, name and short description of the artwork.

  • We will exhibit no more than 2 pieces per artist

  • Canvas and framed work - including framed drawings, photography, mixed media art, small scale 3-D art installations as well as small sculptures accepted.

  • Artists must be at least 18 years of age (or a parent/guardian must sign waivers on behalf of any minors)

  • DART staff reserves the right to accept or reject artwork.

  • Deadline to submit artwork for consideration is June 1, 2023.

  • Final Submissions will be due June 11, 2023 – with artwork delivered to the Doraville Art Center and checked for appropriate hanging requirements.

  • DART asks artists to pay $5 as hanging fee

  • 10% from your sales at the show go to the Doraville Art Center (DART). You can factor this percentage into your price at final submission.

DART is a nonprofit organization that is committed to create and encourage art in the city of Doraville to the benefit of the community through advocacy, education and opportunity and facilitate new public art in Doraville, including art by new artists and artists from under-represented communities.

If you were to consider donating DART in addition to the hanging fee and 10% to DART, you will be able to do so at the venue during the Opening Night or the following days of the exhibition.

Any questions should be directed to

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