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Artist opportunity in Doraville:


Doraville Art invites artists to explore the themes relating to Doraville: Diversity, Transformation, Community, Creativity, Inclusivity, Vitality’:

Participation Guidelines/ Information

· Artists are required to REGISTER first.

· Black and white line art only (digital or hand drawn with weight of at least 5 pixels)

· Dimensions: 8" x 10”, either landscape or portrait

· Artwork submissions should include: a clear picture of artwork, name and short description of the artwork.

· We will accept no more than 2 pieces per artist.

· Artists must be at least 18 years of age (or a parent/guardian must sign waivers on behalf of any minors)

· DART staff reserves the right to accept or reject artwork.

· Deadline to submit artwork for consideration is July 22, 2023.

· Final Submissions will be due August 1, 2023 – $25 for each approved submitted work.

All licenses, copyrights, and intellectual property rights will be retained by the artist. Photos of completed works will be used in social media and marketing for DART. The artists will always be credited. Designs not chosen will not be used in any capacity by DART, however, we will retain your artist’s information in a database so we can contact you for further art opportunities in the future. If you do not want to be part of the database, please let us know.

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